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Hello and welcome to my website!  A website that I created to showcase some of my images taken in areas where I did not have to walk, hike, swim or even drive miles off some beaten path to reach.  No, these photographs only required a short walk from where my car was parked—sometimes just to the other side of the parking lot!
And while I certainly appreciate the hard work and planning many photographers put into getting to a terrific location in their pursuit of taking a great image, I wanted, and needed, to take an easier route. Although I can still hike a few miles, climb some boulders and get across some shallow streams, that is not something that I always want to do.  I want the shot—just not always the hike!
Each photograph I post will describe the subject, where it was taken and how far I had to go once I got out of my car.  Did I park in a lot and then walk a mile on a path to the location?  Did I just pull over to the side of the road and take the shot without even getting out of the car?  Anything odd about the walk?   Was it an easy walk (I like these) or was it a bit more strenuous (not likely to have a lot of these)?  I will let you know.
You will find some of the images here are somewhat iconic (I hope) and others a bit more obscure.  So click on a Gallery to view some of my photographs or click one of the posts and read the associated comments.
From “A” (Avian photography) to “Z” (Zion National Park), you do not have to walk far to take similar photographs.  Just take your camera and desire and click away.

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